Yet Another BREXIT Nugget: The Transition from Conservative Politics to Alt-Right Politics

A brilliant analysis – as usual – by Fareed Zakaria of CNN  about the political transitions happening in party politics both in the United States and the UK. I might only add that the failures of the past are now coming back to haunt us big time and particularly in the following areas;

  1. Immigration/Integration Policy: Politician assumed Integration is a 1 way street for immigrants to adapt but it turns out that this is indeed a 2 way street where efforts need to be made to ensure the country is well adapted to multiculturalism and well balanced policies are developed in this area. In actual fact many governments including that of David Cameron all but gave up on the idea of Integration altogether and no efforts have been spared to review Immigration policies either; this became a ticking time bomb and rightly so though not related to immigrants but rather to policy failures (or lack there of) of subsequent governments to pay attention to the issue.
  2. Broken Political System: When values break down at the top of the governance pyramid and divisive politics takes control you should expect the public to react in a similar manner, so no rocket science there. Democratic values and even basic values of political integrity are no longer part of the equation for public servants or at least they’re not a major factor – which slowly leads us to issues like corruption-abuse of power, disinformation and the like and this is precisely the environment that is a haven that allows alt-right ideology to flourish and for political & security vulnerabilities to arise. We’re also part of the problem because we’ve been adapted to a largely consumer oriented mindset where we consume more that we vet/analyse; so again we as citizens have become part-and-parcel of this broken political system and where we’ve become pawns rather than masters of the political game where divide-and-rule is now the order of the day. 

Guys & Gals we deserve better than this, we deserve much better than this honestly and it can be accomplished in 1 day with a clear uniting vision forward without rocket science/hot air politics.

Anyway, I hope this make some sense and I think you enjoy this analysis by Fareed Zakaria.


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