A Weekend BREXIT Nugget: The Dominic Raab Interview Key Takeaways

Having just watched the interview today here are some thoughts;

  1. The official BREXIT Party strategy is quite simple; blame it on Jeremy Corbyn whether it be for sacking party MP’s who dare align with him on issues or as the ultimate excuse for not sharing a non-existing plan for an alternate BREXIT deal – there may well be talks on options but no coherent/viable plan at eleventh hour because the ultimate objective is to kill time – a level of preparedness we saw before with the previous government but now it is more deliberate. In actual fact this to me seems like the same identical strategy of the previous so-called government to hijack the BREXIT process and make a single party matter despite the ramifications these key decisions have on the entire country for generations to come. In other words its the us-vs-them politics that is delivering the flawed BREXIT process; put it another way – it’s the good old Politics as Usual approach at dangerously unusual times.
  2. It is laughable that Raab and his comrades keep criticising Corbyn for rejecting a snap election and NOT having confidence in the people when they are doing the exact same thing to bypass the People’s Vote on the existing deal; it is a stupid argument/contradiction that is even dumb to argue and I am disappointed Sophie Ridge failed to make that point crystal clear.
  3. This new term Confidence Issues issues kept creeping up again and again as the reason for sacking disloyal MP’s and setting party discipline. If we’d care to just forget about the BREXIT hot potato for a bit and try to get to the logic of this argument. Now of course I can understand the need for maintaining cabinet discipline so long as it does NOT translate to firing/removing people for merely having opposing views to ensure there is balance in policy – but then balance is not a term associated with this party or the BREXIT process itself at any point since the referendum – but when we talk of deselecting MP’s altogether well now we’re NOT actually talking political discipline but rather we’re in the realms of authoritarian models of governance in the Middle East and beyond. Of course our version may seem a bit more refined/sophisticated but stripping it to it’s core it amounts to an identical model in every sense of the word. So next time we complain about immigrants destroying/abusing our Democratic values/credentials here is one Brit (myself) of an immigrant background urging you NOT to do this exact thing and if you truly crave for this model of governance how about immigrating yourself to one of these promise lands in the Middle East or beyond who apply this governance methodology as well as your approach of divide/rule and who knows you may even help them make it look more sophisticated than it currently is. Truly sad to see our Democratic evolution reversing course in such a dramatic way and in such a critical time in our history. And do you know what the worst part in all this Dominic Raab; you’re of generation one would have thought should know better/have a different vision on how we do politics altogether.

So there is my 2 cents worth of views on the interview; hope it makes sense.

Guys & Gals we deserve better than this, we deserve much better than this honestly and it can be accomplished in 1 day with a clear uniting vision forward without rocket science/hot air politics.

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