Automoto: The New BMW M40i is a Real Peach of Car

This is by far the best version of roadster I’ve driven from BMW and I’ve driven quite a few from the previous model Z4; the Z4 3.0, Z4 2.0 and finally the Z4 35iS. But then you would need to understand my preferences which may not be typical for this kind of model segment;  I like speed/quick responsive transmissions but I am not into the loud sporty exhaust pops/burbles which came with the more powerful engines of the previous versions like Z4 35iS; in fact when I first drove the Z4 35iS I actually thought there was something wrong with the car with this jazz coming out of the exhaust; how sad is that-shameful right? With the current incarnation of Z4 equipped with the new M40i engine however the car is much well behaved and cruising in Comfort mode is….well Comforting indeed. So in brief this is my all time favourite BMW model period both in terms of driving experience as well as with design – both interior (which is a bit larger than previous models) and exterior design – at least for now. However I would have suggested a different brand name like Z5 to give the car the distinction it already has from previous roadster models, unless of course BMW has more planned in the pipeline than we know for the Z family.

Have a great weekend.

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