A BREXIT Nugget: Amber Rudd “One Nation Values” Seem to be a bit Outdated

Amber Rudd the Work and Pensions Secretary has just announced her resignation from government in protest of Conservative members being expelled due to being disloyal to their leader (and would you believe we’re talking about good old boris here). On her twitter account she also states; I remain committed to the One Nation Values that drew me into politics. While I totally respect her position let me also respectfully suggest to Amber Rudd that she needs to re-evaluate what these One Nation Values are and how they reflect the approach of this and previous government on BREXIT. I would really encourage her to unpack this term so that we all understand what these values are in the context of this BREXIT conundrum we face today and have been facing for the last 3 years. To be precise what kind of One Nation Values that would drive government’s she’s been part of to do all possible to bypass a People’s Vote on the existing deal. Government’s that have done nothing but take every possible curve to hijack the BREXIT process and even to the extent of shutting down parliament in order to drag the country to the BRexit doors without any oversight and irrespective of a No-Deal BREXIT consequences. What are those One Nation Values I wonder? I hope she can also at some point in the near future wonder along with us all and if she knows these values by heart can she please share them along! You see wanting to project values is one thing but actually having them is not really the same thing, what do you think? On the other hand if you had tweaked the term a bit to something along the lines of One Party Values in terms of internal party policy/loyalties & camaraderie  I would get it entirely and would NOT have wasted much time with this post at all. Or are we looking at this from a different angle altogether and these political stunts of government hop-on/hop-off’s you’re making are merely designed to give you credentials/leverage to take more of a leadership role in the party. Hard to tell but whatever your ambitions are it would be useful – though with the way things are going in our political eco system certainly not necessary – that the term nation values would have some meaning for you as well as a demonstrable track record which frankly I do not see however hard you try to sound serious about it.

Guys & Gals we deserve better than this, we deserve much better than this honestly and it can be accomplished in 1 day with a clear uniting vision forward without rocket science/hot air politics.

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