A BREXIT Nugget: Don’t Blame boris johnson

boris has become the punching bag for the many shortcomings of British politics and in many ways it is understandable. But then again we need not take all the frustrations on him personally because as is the situation with the U.S version he is not the main problem but merely symptom of an entirely broken political system that needs urgent repair; in other words we should dedicate more time in examining the system that made it possible for people like boris to take charge of this country; put another way – it’s less about his legitimacy and more about the flawed system that made him legitimate. A good place to start this inward analysis is to examine the Conservative which has become in every sense of the word a fringe BREXIT party in much the same way that the Republican party in the U.S has become the Covfefe party. It is also important to examine our own approach towards politics particularly the concept of Party Loyalty as opposed to Policy/Value Loyalty. The reason I mention this is because I watched this recent interview with Phillip Hammond where he promised to fight current Conservative approach on BREXIT and to defend the party from what he termed entryists;

It seems to me that party loyalty is one part of a political culture that needs to evolve because we seem to be treating party’s loyalty as we do to team loyalty in football and other sports; it’s become a culture but when taken to extremes as we see now it becomes lethal to our Democracy. I propose that we reconsider this approach to party politics and become independent political actors in supporting whichever party that has the vision we subscribe to for during a particular election cycle rather have this lifetime commitment approach to political parties which does nothing but undermine our Democracy and where we become pawns rather than masters in the game of politics; same applies to party MP’s who need to start putting country before party. Remember policies change and values can also change so we also need to apply an agile approach to adapt to these political transformations. But that’s not enough as we need to establish legal protections to prevent;

  1. Accidental leaders who take charge without the explicit consent of the public through proper elections – these should automatically be triggered once there is a change in ruling party leadership.
  2.  Prevent leaders from abusing their powers through among others threatening to sack disloyal members or shutting down parliament (this is an utter disgrace in every sense of the word and I repeat from an earlier post that it is quite shocking for HM The Queen to approve it).
  3. Prevent non-accountable individuals/organisations from influencing public policy (this era needs to end and I’ve written plenty of posts on the topic)
  4. Ensure there are more effective vetting mechanisms/standards for public servants particularly ones who hold leading roles. Also please remember that selection of a leader based single policy stance rather than his/her worldview/value base translates directly to political vulnerability as a nation.
  5. ……etc.

This BREXIT thing really needs to be NOT just a learning curve but a steep Learning/Action curve so that there is deliberate/focused evolution of a political system that is no longer fit for purpose.

Guys & Gals we deserve better than this, we deserve much better than this honestly and it can be accomplished in 1 day with a clear uniting vision forward without rocket science/hot air politics.

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