A BREXIT Nugget: BREXIT Hot Air Politics of Inflation & Deflation

rees mogg-deflated beauty
The Deflated Beauty

Obviously what we’re witnessing here in this image is the Deflation mode of BREXIT politics – by one of the Big Slingshots of BREXIT – as we continue to stumble through a series of cyclical political strategies that amount to nothing/achieve nothing but 1 specific thing – a prolonged state of uncertainty for the country. Tribal politics has been normalised and what a time for them to reach that state.  So here is a sneak peak into the British BREXIT Bubble;

  1. In pure Theresa May style boris seeks to re-introduce a vote for a Snap Election to get a Mandate for the BREXIT Party to do what it pleases away from the public and yet in public view as opposed to the BREXIT Flipflop Party (sometimes referred to as British Labour), which seems to be playing catch the policy game while seeming to seek that elusive one policy to follow when in actual fact the leadership is within touching range of the BREXIT Party views on BREXIT and doing all to prevent a public vote.
  2. Calls for a vote to legislate against a No-Deal BREXIT where there is uncertainty about the existing deal and no other deal to be had. 
  3. Politicians changing party chairs with claps/whistles yet when it comes to actual achievement it amounts to a big fat ZERO (or ZILCH if you prefer).
  4. Talks about a possible deal between Hungarian PM Orban and current mob to vote against further extension – another painful extension and as the BREXIT version of an old saying goes; where there is no pain there is no pain.

The end result is of this mumbo-jumbo is…well more hot air over a ticking time bomb. And yet all this mess can be sorted with 1 simple action; take the politics out of the equation and give the People the right to vote then have a General Election. It was kind of surreal listening to Liam Fox – in the clip below – talk about the political fringe and honouring the Referendum result when he should in theory understand that the political fringe are those who promote extreme politics like BREXIT at any cost and who refuse for the people to have their final say on the deal; politics has never been about a blank check or we’d have a single party rule system. So Mr. Fox you might have sound bites but in reality all you’re emitting is political noise that is designed to confuse, and undermine our both Country and our Democracy; now that’s what I call politics at the Fringe. So my advice to you is to try and have the political integrity to follow what you preach or find a subject matter other than politics where you can apply this methodology and not to worry of my expectations because there are none that you’ll ever be able to achieve this approach in politics so continue sailing on your way.

As for Mr. Moog, I appreciate giving us all the opportunity to know via my interpretation of your cute photo above the HOT AIR of BREXIT and I am sure you’ll be in inflation mode in no time at all, so good luck with that cause I hear there is a Hot Air refilling station close to the House of Commons.

Guys & Gals we deserve better than this, we deserve much better than this honestly and it can be accomplished in 1 day with a clear uniting vision forward without rocket science/hot air politics.


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