The Tough BREXIT Nugget: EU Baffled by boris johnson’s Claims of Progress as the Big Guns Turn – as expected – to Slingshots

Well EU, please don’t be’s only boris, you know the purely British version of Covfefe but with slightly more hair – or maybe the hairdo makes it seem that way (or hair undo to be more accurate and if you think that’s mean how about Hair Fondue to make it more appealing). The same old champions of the 350 million/week NHS claim that got us BREXIT are now in full charge of the country. Yet it’s hardly plain sailing for the Big Guns of BREXIT as they continue to chew on this tough BREXIT nugget because they know full well this division in the country restrains their hands on the options and dragging the country to the BREXIT doors is merely the end of the beginning of this sad/explosive story which eventually lands in their lap. The way out of this mess is clear as I mentioned in previous posts but now we’re just wasting precious time and as the Pound Sterling is signalling time is no longer on our side. On the other hand a snap election translates to prolonged uncertainty, same as these useless tactics of fighting a No-Deal BREXIT in Parliament; these may have been solutions that would have worked over a year ago, but now we’re at the brink of certain disaster unless the politics change and we’re able to reverse course and go back to the drawing board because all options have run out and there is no other deal to be had except the existing one and there is no certainty of it’s effects on this country. At the very least the people need to finally make the choice on the deal and this alone would be good enough for me irrespective of result so at least then we can all go into fondue…..I mean recovery mode.

Guys & Gals we deserve better than this, we deserve much better than this honestly and it can be accomplished in 1 day with a clear uniting vision forward without rocket science/hot air politics.

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