A BREXIT Nugget: Britain 2019

Britain 2019 where PM role has become for all intents/purposes a hereditary role where people have become bystanders and power is passed over their heads without consent.

Britain 2019 where the Queen gives the Royal seal of approval to a Parliament Shutdown in effect shutting down the House of the People for purely political motivations.

Britain 2019 where it’s become normalised for a PM to threaten members of their party of deselection for daring to oppose.

Britain 2019 where the order of the day for a government is avoid people having their say – at all costs on and on key decisions.

Britain 2019 where politics is dragging the country to the revolt 1919 and the political ideology of that era; the only difference now of course is that we’re merely wired.

Britain 2019 where politics is run by/for the benefit of the political elite represented by the visible/invisible and unaccountable power brokers/lobbyists in full charge of the political scene.

I could go on of course but you get the picture.

The short end of this is that this system we have whatever it’s called, needs to be scraped cause it aim’t working and it ain’t worth a dime running. We need to finally evolve by learning the hard lessons of the last 3 years. BREXIT can be resolved easily if we STOP thinking about BREXIT and start thinking about the country and our future for a change irrespective of BREXIT and NOT through a narrow idealogical perspective but rather through a pragmatic lens filter. After all Democracy is only 1 version and provides 1 path through the people not away from them, this is truly no rocket science but politicians are trying hard to blur the picture and convince us it is.

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