A BREXIT Nugget: The Politics of Extremes that is Destroying a Nation

The BREXIT saga that began with divisive/extreme politics continues to this day with the extreme right about to score a touch down and the extreme left at the other end crying wolf and throwing all the arguments they can muster to destroy the other side and have their way. The centre field – you know the one that really counts – is empty of all political players and no political leader seems to have the wisdom, vision and charisma to help draw us all to the safety of the centre ground in these dangerous times; in other words it’s become a personal battle of wills while the country continues to suffer at every level. The children running the country and making choices on our behalf in reality have no business running a pub let alone a nation. Politics in this country has sunk so low it will take decades with deliberate/concerted efforts to fix an archaic political system that is no longer fit for purpose. Right now though we need to trash out the ugly politics that we’ve been infected with thanks to the genius of our political masters and begin to make choices and here are some pointers – not new ones mind you just a reminder of what I’ve mentioned repeatedly in previous posts;

  1. A People’s Vote based on the existing deal which is the only one we have. An (In or Out) decision needs to be made with some clarity as to ramifications from independent experts not into the political game and BREXIT politics need to stop during that period to prevent this charged environment from again infecting the process.
  2. Once a direction is set through the People’s Vote a General Election is held where parties have a chance to set future vision for the country.
  3. There should be a clear commitment by all parties that once a People’s Vote is made no further referendums are/or debates on the subject are held for an agreed timespan so that the country has time to recover from this political mess.

Now how realistic is this approach you might wonder in the current charged climate or you may have passed it to the Guillotine handler already to give the “eternal peace”; well let me tell you I personally believe it is very realistic but it requires a charismatic leader who is keen on 1 thing and 1 thing only, unite the country irrespective of the politics of BREXIT. This is precisely why I appeal once again to all parties to stop the political wrangling and focus entirely on this simple target; NOT BREXIT/NOT REMAIN just unite the country because that’s the only thing that can protect this country and trying to do so after the fact in terms of dragging the country whether in/out will surely fail miserably; not to mention the legal challenges that are likely to skyrocket if we’re dragged towards one way or another. In short if the people signed on for BREXIT they need to sign off on the deal “period”.

So what do you think of this proposition, still insist on the Guillotine? 

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