The Queen Puts the Royal Seal on the Demise of Our Dim’Ocracy

My BREXIT related posts have never been about pro/anti BREXIT though I do hold a strong view on it. It’s been mainly about a flawed process that seeks to silent/sideline the voice of the people. If the BREXIT process has been an ongoing shock for me on how broken this political system is, the approval of the Queen today to suspend parliament is by far the biggest shocker of all. So while I am still in shock mode I will not comment further but to highly recommend reading the related post below which I wrote a few days ago because I think it is quite relevant to where we seem to be heading as a nation, and this for now will be my final word on BREXIT….that is until I am back in recovery mode which in current times translates to hitting a disaster that is beyond sh.. zone we’re at, in other words expect more to come soon  🙂

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