A BREXIT Nugget: Middle Eastern Autocracies Now Considering Suing Britain

OK, right off the bat that’s NOT entirely (or partially) true but then again these countries they may well do so considering their template for governance is being followed to a tee by the current/former British government and they’re not being paid or at least recognised/credited as being the originator of this template of governance. It’s kind of fanciful for alt right ideologues that are driving BREXIT to preach Identity politics when in reality they are doing everything that breaks the British Identity/Value-base more than any immigrant would have dreamed ever possible (that is if they ever had this dream in the first place), not to mention their open admiration (and coordination) with our adversaries; so let’s get realistic people shall we? There are clear options out of this fix and it is only our adversaries and countries likely to gain influence on our affairs post BREXIT that are keen for us NOT to take them and to continue pursuing this disastrous path for the country.

So let’s STOP the talk of the No-Deal BREXIT and focus rather on STOPPING BREXIT so we have the time to come up with this magic deal everybody seems to be talking about but no one can articulate or we may well discover we already have a great deal with in EU.


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