A BREXIT Nugget: Government to Ask Queen to Suspend Parliament from mid-September to mid-October

Dim-ocracy at full play in this Disunited Kingdom of ours, yet another clear show of the disgraceful state of politics in this country and another vivid display of a country in hijack mode since 2016. This country does not sound/feel like Europe anymore but rather a Middle Eastern autocracy with all the bells/whistles. Now the Queen has been majestically drawn into the political stand-off something I would have preferred she would have done voluntarily quite sometime ago as I mention in the post below; now however her silence/in-action towards this abuse of power will have direct consequences. These may well be interesting times we live in, but the ramifications of wrong  turn are catastrophic and this is not an exaggeration. The only way to avert the current crisis is to dissolve this current mob running the country and I hope that HM the Queen would find the wisdom in using this opportunity to do so swiftly. 

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I Hope Her Majesty the Queen is Being Entertained


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