A BREXIT Nugget: I Hope Her Majesty the Queen is Being Entertained

As this disgraceful BREXIT saga continues it is moments like this that we should use to reflect not only on how we got here in the first place in terms of lessons learnt but also how this broken political system has been allowed to continue unabated for such a long time – not just examining the active actors but equally important the  “inactive” ones that have kept far away from getting involved to help resolve this mess. When I think of HM The Queen, and I hold every respect to her for her leadership/wisdom at very difficult moments in our history as a nation – here is what comes to mind;

These are unprecedented times that require systems to evolve/adapt to present challenges – not wait to evolve after the fact when the damage has already been done. We can see there is effort in the British monarchy to evolve in terms of activities/public interactions/perceptions but unfortunately this does not extend to the core which is the role of the Monarch particularly at times of political crisis like the one we face today. Some conservative view would favour this traditional approach by the Queen in staying well away from political challenges however consequential they may prove to be on Union itself – I am certainly not one of them. In other words there needs to be an active/engaging role between the Monarch as the single most uniting figure/sign of continuity of this nation/it’s identity and the government of the day especially in moments like the one we live in today; the lack of this engagement is in my personal opinion is one of the important factors that may lead to the defragmentation of Union. So when I read/watch about the activities/news of Prince William & Harry and the sensationalist reporting on these I think to myself, are we missing something here?

I’ve written plenty of posts in the past about the importance for a true Democracy to evolve otherwise it stagnates, the Monarchy should also be part of this evolution because as it stands it is a foundational structure in our Democracy.

Hope this helps.

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