Why the Outrage Joe Scarborough?

Now right off the bat – as Americans like to say – I am a big fan of Joe Scarborough of MSNBC and watch his show Morning Joe frequently, so lets put that to rest. However I am slowly/surely getting bored with the approach adopted by the program and here is why;

  1. It is all about rage about “Covfefe” and his administration without focusing on the bigger picture – I know I use this term often – when it comes to policy. An example here in this clip is comparing a hypothetical situation where President Barack Obama was the one who made the recent anti-Semitic comments regarding their support to the U.S Democratic party. Respectfully this is NOT the issue about President Barack Obama, it’s the flawed concept of allowing religion to influence policy “period”.
  2. When I see journalists/reporters turn reporting into a lynching match doing politics here’s what happens;
    • You loose objectivity and credentials for being unbiased journalist/reporters – the FOX News equivalent on the other side.
    • When people use your channel – like frankly I sometimes do – to vent their own frustration while sitting on the couch, well that’s wasted power. The only way out this fix we find ourselves in both in the US and here in the UK is for people to demand action-urgent action and NOT being able to vent the frustration on that is fruitless whether through the media/online because that don’t bring home the bacon so to speak; this is my theory anyway. In other words the media should take the lead in presenting facts as they are at present and doing proper analysis on long terms implications without being caught in the emotions of the situation.
    • Blaming “Covfefe” should be magically transformed to blaming the system that produced “Covfefe” as well as his cronies in Congress, so the idea of pleading to Congressmen/women’s sense of duty/decency doesn’t account for much in such a broken system where priorities are distorted and ethics not in play. What does help is NOT focusing entirely on policy issues but also on how to fix the core of the political system and make it as a major news topic/agenda item for news programs to discuss/debate openly and get people excited about discussing the changes needed so that they the set the direction/priority for politicians.   

I hope this makes sense but in these unprecedented times there is no doubt it’s a learning curve to all of us.

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