Backing Jeremy Corbyn as Interim PM with a “Carte Blanche” would be a BIG Mistake

Now we hear about the Liberal Democrats  & other parties considering backing Jeremy Corby as an interim PM to block a no-deal BREXIT. However the way I see it and considering the history of Jeremy Corbyn’s exceptionally large “Options” table for BREXIT I would not recommend backing him – or anyone else for that matter – before there is a clear vision forward not just patch work that will end up causing further confusion/division down the line; that we certainly don’t need more of with all the mess we’re in. In other words this should not only be about an agreement on blocking a No-Deal BREXIT but rather a pragmatic vision forward including having a true unity government and a solid commitment for a People’s Vote followed by a General Election which would make perfect sense in that situation as there would clear direction for the future of this country. Politicians need to understand that they will eventually bare the brunt of a public backlash if this BREXIT process continues to sideline them and they end up paying the ultimate price for the decision; as I mentioned in many previous blogs nothing else will solve this nugget and we’re only continuing the waste of precious time/resources that we cannot afford; not to mention the financial crisis that is working it’s way in the background; so wisen up people before we hit rock bottom; and with an Odd Ball occupying No. 10 we’re a touching distance away.

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