A BREXIT Nugget: Gender Politics comes into Play 

Now I am all for pragmatic policy throughout our political eco system – politics that focus solely on facts/figures and develops solutions that work and do not follow narrow ideologies that serve a few – mostly the elite lobbyist/special interest groups. BREXIT is a cardinal example of the exact reverse of that which is why as I mentioned in many previous blogs that dragging the country towards the BREXIT doors will not mark the end of our problems but rather the end of the beginning for these problems which will likely be 10 fold in terms of severity. But for politicians like Caroline Lucas of the Green Party to now call for a female cabinet to block a no-deal BREXIT – now we’re in the realms of “Gender Politics” big time. Really Caroline, is this the ultimate solution you can come up with? For me merely to come up with such an absurd solution is yet another indication of the utterly broken political system we live in today at this critical moment on our country’s history and the lack of political leadership/vision to help steady the sinking ship. So my comment to this suggestion would be something along the lines of; May God help us all! 

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