A BREXIT Nugget: EU ‘refusing to negotiate’, says Michael Gove But the Right Term is “Renegotiate”, Right mike?

It’s a bit rich for Michael Gove to suggest that the EU doesn’t want to negotiate with the British government when the EU position has always been NOT to renegotiate what has been agreed with the British government. It’s some what similar to the U.S. government’s current position on the Iran nuclear deal except in our case we have yet to implement the agreement at all. With that said it is understandable why “mike” and the current gang – holding captive the entire country with no true legitimacy for the leadership in representing the British people – is taking that line which is to lay the blame anywhere possible before the crash – just in case something goes wrong because it is after all a crash. So let me make a pragmatic suggestion if I may to boris johnson as the current occupant of No.10 Downing Street – which has become more like a place to crash over for politicians when it’s politically convenient;

If you have the intention of taking us out of the EU without a deal – and why should we have a deal at all if you people genuinely believe the rosy future for this country post BREXIT and the detrimental relationship with the EU that’s been an obstacle from achieving this vision – so have the courage of your conviction and take us out without further delay and publicly take ownership/responsibility for this decision – it’s that simple. The fact of the matter is that there is plenty of similarities in the political landscape between us and our ally across the Atlantic; there they have a Trump Party a.k.a the Republican party and here we have a BREXIT party – or the Real BREXIT Partya.k.a. the Conservative party driven by more or less the same ideology. So why split hairs in lengthy negotiations that may/may not work and leads to further uncertainty in this country? Take us out now or at least make public this intention so there can be direction and preparation; in other words don’t haggle and either put up or shut up; makes sense? 

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