Welcome to Covfefe’s America Where We Nominate Only the “BEST PEOPLE”

A brilliant take by CNN’s Anderson Cooper of the “unique” vetting approached developed by Trump it seems in partnership with the media who didn’t see it comin’. Let Anderson speak for himself in this clip but let me only add this small nugget: what exactly is the vetting process that got Donald J. Trump in the White House in the first place and what vetting process is applied to family members holding top security posts in the White House? Remember this is not proposed this actually happened and even more serious than this DNI nominee! So it may be worth putting this mess in the same waste bucket and wasting it altogether! Here is my take in brief; “Abusing Democracy is the first big step towards Tyranny so we need to come up/agree to stricter guidelines that evolve with time to prevent this from ever happening….again because let’s be clear – Democracy in it’s current format is a doomed project..

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