More Mass Shootings: Only In America (updated)

Yet another tragic mass shooting episode in the United States in a matter of hours – this time in Dayton – Ohio. The saying “Only in America” is proving true but unfortunately at so many tragic/disgusting levels. The concept of a governance “Of the People By the People” has been transformed to a governance “Of the Special Interest/Lobbyists By the Special Interest/Lobbyists” and people just are the ones paying the price. America that once was a an exciting/inspiring “Ongoing Project” representing Democracy/Freedom has been magically transformed into the land of the connected/wealthy and where bigotry and racism are rife at the highest levels in the land. As with any challenge, this can serve as a moment of transformation (not mere change) or just another stop at a downhill spiral that will continue and it’s for Americans to decide because nothing is inevitable. For us in Europe the current U.S example is a wake up call on the rising threat of unaccountable people/enterprises in our politics like the NRA in the U.S. which has catastrophic consequences for us all. Let me even take it a step further; what accountability are we talking about when the only possible consequence for failed policies by politicians are political consequences even when peoples lives are lost due a continuation of these policies or lack there of? Does that make sense or should they be criminally liability to politicians? I personally believe that unless politicians are held accountable beyond the political accountability aspect then we’ll continue to undermine our Democracy.

So the message from this end is that we should no longer follow the U.S example but rather begin to lead by example to ensure our policy is strictly aligned with the good of the nation – not narrow ideologies – and indeed the good of world because everything we affect beyond our borders does eventually impact us at home; this is the only pragmatic approach I can think of. As for American politicians my advice would be this; stop bragging about the American Model & Leadership/wearing American flag label pin – just do your job for the people – the ones who elected you and the ones who didn’t – it’s that simple! 

My heart goes out to all who have lost their lives or have been affected by these shootings and their families/friends – these are senseless deaths that could/should have been prevented.

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