A BREXIT Nugget: A Change in Leadership is More About Change in Hairdo Than on BREXIT Policy

 I keep listening on the news lately about the fear in the business community and among politicians of a No-Deal BREXIT. I’ve also mentioned in many previous posts that having a big-gun BREXITEER in charge of the country is not actually a threat but rather an opportunity to demonstrate in no uncertain terms that this or any other BREXIT big gun will prove to be a slingshot, and the reason is this; the political/legal price of a No Deal BREXIT will not balance the books so to speak for the rogue charlatans running the country. The initial tone may seem strong/confident but the reality is that these people have no intention of jumping head first off that good old cliff, less for the sake of the country and more for their own survival because as boris likes to remind us “the buck stops with him!”. This is also why I reiterate yet again that reaching the end line will fix absolutely nothing and will prove to be a long term headache unless the buck stops with it’s rightful owner the public; you know the ones who had no say for the charlatan that replaced may. So the reality is that we continue wasting precious time we can’t afford by people who are under the false impression that they are clever and can come up with a sophisticated scheme to not only achieve BREXIT but also to mitigate it’s disastrous consequences. Well listen up; as I mentioned previously when you begin with a flawed process and however hard you try you end up with a mess; you need NOT be clever to understand this simple fact.

So the expectation from this end is that either a 2nd Referendum and/or a General Election is the more likely scenario (both of these would in my view be a viable solution and in that order) despite the boring  soap opera we continue to watch on the news and devastating as it is for the country.

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