A BREXIT Nugget: Ann Widdecombe Get’s Feisty at the European Parliament

Watching Ann Widdecombe deliver this outrageous performance at the European Parliament was truly shameful in every sense of the word and in mind demonstrates in no uncertain terms the kind of disconnected/disoriented leadership that has in effect hijacked this country since the referendum of 2016; a leadership fixated on the past rather than the future and the reason is quite simple; it all started with legitimate concerns about immigration/integration now it’s the alt-right running this hysterical show with their racist/bigoted ideology which is one of the reasons why to me it’s quite shocking to see multi-ethnic politicians within the Conservative party and beyond sharing this worldview with pride. Really? Wow, these people must really be in a class of their own if they cannot see the obvious intertwined relation between the Trump camp and this racist ideology driving BREXIT ever since the referendum itself. I just hope that one day they realise; hey I have  gun in my hand and I am pointing to my foot….what could it mean..mmmm??? But beyond all that let me just pass a few cool comments to Ann Widdecombe about the rambling in the EU Parliament;

  1. Please do not suggest you’re speaking on behalf of the British people because you do not and many do not share your worldview about the EU or anything else for that matter. I for one as a British citizen wish to apologies profoundly to the European Parliament for this disgusting performance by someone with views that never did and never will represent me and I believe I speak for many many others in this country.
  2. Lecturing the EU on Democracy is a bit tricky considering the recent history of the BREXIT campaign both in terms of funding as well as propagating a bunch lies, and how the Conservative Party (i.e. the Real BREXIT Party in my book) has gone about preparing for BREXIT. If you are genuinely concerned about Democracy why not “start” by joining me and many many others calling for a 2nd Referendum now that we have some clarity on the deal and at the same time prove your legitimacy as a party rather than reaching the exit doors aboard a runaway train? How about it, do we have a deal?
  3. You have to understand that it is utterly irresponsible – and I would have thought that as seasoned politician you would know better but I guess the seasoning was insufficient – that BREXIT or NO BREXIT the EU will remain to be our closest ally so it is wholly inappropriate to use the kind of language you used in this “Rambola” of yours; I know Farage was next to you but you might have tried a different approach, no?

The million dollar question is this; How long will we be having Popcorn for Democracy?

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