How Cool is Boris Johnson

boris is the kind of late 60’s hippy that just happened to miss a few generations and that’s fine as far as it goes but having him lead an enterprise of any size let alone a country would under normal circumstances be a big stretch of the imagination. This of course not suggest that jeremy hunt would have been a better choice in any shape/way/form but at least he can fool you with his looks – that is until he talks politics. With boris however you get the whole fruitcake package without nuances; someone who embodies perfectly the broken political system we live in today; a system where accidental leaders have become the norm and where Democracy in this country has been proven to be purely hot air. The fix to this mess – and it most certainly is a political mess that we live in today – is that people begin to recognise that the survival of this nation – or at least in the form we all aspire to – is not about how we address a single policy issue but rather about how we do policy in the first place and the standards/processes we follow to achieve them otherwise we will always be vulnerable as a nation in every area of governance & economic development; I’ve talked about Popcorn Democracy in a previous post. We need to finally come to the conclusion that we can no longer afford the luxury of ideology (right or left) as opposed to pragmatic politics that works, nor can we ignore the growing role of unaccountable lobbyists/special interest groups in our political eco system (both internal/external).

So to sum up let me suggest that what is needed is a peaceful yet vigorous revolution for change in the way we do politics before expecting policy solutions that work because those who are expecting the “Big Gun” to rule the day will eventually realise the big gun is actually a sling shot both for the country and a self-aimed torpedo for the Conservative party; and we end up merely wasting time/resources and plenty in the way of national pride while we change political chairs.

But above all else what we face in Britain – and I suspect in many other countries in Europe – is a Crisis of Leadership and every other crisis trickles down from there; and this is not just about premier roles but also at the ministerial level nor is it a new phenomenon but one that has been developing silently for decades because of overconfidence and some laziness. So the question is this; do we continue on this lazy path backward or do we start making tough choices to try and move forward?

Oh and by the way, congrats boris 😉


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