The New Liberal Democrats Leader Jo Swinson; A Care Taker or a Visionary?

Happy to hear Jo Swinson now leads the Liberal Democrats. I voted for her because I voted for change more than anything else. I’ve been a party member ever since 2005 and the London bombings which sort of energised me at the time to contribute in some form in politics. Since then I’ve seen enough to understand that change is desperately needed in the party not just in terms of policy/positions on the important issues we face today but also – and equally important/urgent – is in the internal workings of the party particularly when it comes to internal processes/procedures as well as the policy formulation process itself – national & international – and the role of regional/local branches in this area (i.e not being constrained by local issues). Add to that the unprecedented political challenges our country faces today in an increasingly dangerous/unstable world going through seismic transitions and it gives you some idea about complex task at hand. So the way I see it is that there are 2 options Jo has; either follow the path of the predecessors in terms of vision/approach or make the case for substantial/relevant changes to the party before it becomes irrelevant – remember there is a big opportunity in the political landscape for this party to become a major voice for change but the trick is play it wisely and NOT overplay it; like among others focusing on membership numbers. I have written plenty about the party in previous posts so will not rehash; but my 2 cents worth of advice to Jo is this; get some smart people around you who are also keen on pragmatic change in the party and make sure to carry the entire party with you in terms of the need for change – provided obviously you believe so yourself – then in rigorously developing/applying this new vision; sounds easy but we all know that it ain’t!

All the best.

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