A BREXIT Nugget: The British Ambassador to the US Resigns – But What the Hell Does that Solve?

Just when one thought things can’t get any worse for this country we see two complete charlatans about to take charge of the country without any of us raising a finger – more in the way of “Accidental Leaders” and what an accident it will prove to be  – and now the British ambassador to the United States giving legitimacy to yet another American charlatan for interfering in our own affairs; makes you wonder how many top “BREXITEERS” claiming the high ground on Nationalist & Identity politics but when push comes to shove they are more than happy to back that U.S charlatan because at the end of the day it is less about national interest/pride and more about pure ideology; you know the kind of thing that got us BREXIT in the first place.

You see what I termed Popcorn Democracy in a previous blog is a symptom of broken politics but what I failed to mention is that we the public are part and parcel of this broken system in the way we allow politicians to play us like dumb pawns in a stupid chess game. Rest assured that with the way things are going – and despite it being hard to believe – our troubles are just beginning “just beginning”; so either get used to it or do something about it.

As for Ambassador Kim Darrouch, Sir you’ve done a big disservice to this country by resigning from your post because this is NOT a personal issue but one of principal and has plenty in the way of negative ramifications for this country – something I would have thought someone with your experience would understand, but it seems I was wrong.

Hope this helps, but I have feeling it won’t!

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