A BREXIT Nugget: The Wonderland that is “British Politics”

Right off the bat let me clarify “Wonderland” in this instant is a land that makes you “Wonder” pure/simple so don’t come to any wrong conclusions here. I have written plenty of blogs about the wider picture that BREXIT exposed which is the archaic structure of British politics now so vividly represented by the 2 of most incompetent, inexperienced odd balls reaching the final “game” – and it is a game – of who becomes the next PM, and what a time for this to happen. Do we really need to follow our partners/allies across the Atlantic in the mess they’ve created; well turns out the answer is in the affirmative. My friends, this country – is being/has been – played big time both internally & externally and here we are excited about results of this game rather than the flawed process that got us to play it nor the real power brokers making the big moves in dark/murky alleys or maybe the confidence is such that these now happen in the light of day. Hard to tell what’s going to happen next except for the 1 thing I am certain about is when people begin to realise; hey BREXIT doesn’t actually mean BREXIT after all, it just means wasted Time, Resources and Pride. And as for the leadership contest itself  knowing the characters involved I suspect arranging it in a pub would be a more appropriate setting; and not to worry because it will continue to be our future meeting point until we dig ourselves out of the hellhole. 

Have a good one, but remember “just one”!

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