A BREXIT Nugget: Pop-corn Democracy Delivers More Accidental Leaders

It’s kind of peculiar, though quite sad to see this travesty of a Democracy we live in where a political parties engage in an election process to find a new/accidental leader while the rest of the nation is munching popcorn. Political elites are indeed running the country while we’re in our right place as second-class citizens; and that’s all the rest of us in our Democratic state of “Inaction”. Politics it seems in this day-and-age is purely about divide-and-rule in much the same way dictatorships operate, the difference in our situation is that the operation looks sleeker. So we await anxiously to know the next accidental leader – but here is my simple message to Mr. X;

“The bunch of you may think you know the answer to the BREXIT conundrum but let me predict that it’s likely to spell the end of your short career having cornered yourselves with unrealistic promises….“again”. You see delivering the right BREXIT to the party is quite different from delivering BREXIT to the nation, and I for one will be very happy to see the big gun BREXITEERS demonstrate that what they actually posses in terms of credentials, experience and vision is no more than an old/unusable slingshot”.

As for the rest of us all I can say is that by merely allowing this farce to continue without our voice being “heard”, is actually transforming us into an official “herd”, and it is after all a matter of choice, right Sir Humphrey?

Shame on this great nation!

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