The Popcorn Democracy

You need NOT move from your good old chair – possibly with a bucket of popcorn – to finally realise that what we’ve created and sitting on right now is a Popcorn Democracy where our primary role is being political spectators, and the big boys/girls playing the role of political masters are in fact mastering the game of giving us the illusion that they speak for us, but once we give them the power it’s “adios amigos” time. This is the illLiberal Democracy that has evolved from decades of a stagnant political system thanks to the toxic combination of corruption, unaccountable power brokers (internal & external) as well as an archaic political system that no longer serves it’s purpose. This is precisely what’s happening with BREXIT and with our friends across the Atlantic where we’re all now in a fix because having voted in a party or President we’re all chained to it however they perform and whatever decisions they throw at us while they’re in the business of adding locks to these chains. Here in Britain we also have the “luxury” of Accidental Leaders taking charge of the country without the electorate even raising a finger – except of course to dip their hand into that popcorn bucket ready for the next bite. What about the “Checks/Balances” I hear you say? This too is largely an illusion as we can clearly see in BREXIT and Trump Land limited in effect due to executive powers as well as in it’s scope which is determined by party politics; in other words “tough luck!”. We on the other hand as electorates have been too wrapped up with our consumer driven lifestyle and lack of active political engagement – rather than the inactive political mode of blindly following the soundbites and party badges without even basic consideration to workable policy. We may turn out at election day but unless we fix our politics and the Check/Balances that comes with it we’re in for a long bumpy road ahead – but unlike the past where bumpy roads where limited in scope to their effects on the politics of the day, now and with the issues at stake our social cohesion/unity and by extension our security is in jeopardy like in no other time in our recent history that I know of. The worst part in all of this is that I do NOT see a politician in any of the parties that is able to unite the country while setting a pragmatic vision forward; in other words there is no alternative but the good old-fashioned activism to help set the agenda whether on BREXIT or otherwise until such time when we do have the luxury of “Time” to demand drastic changes to our political system, one that ensures no privilege of any kind can put anyone above the law for a day, a week a month or a year and that our systems of Checks/Balances evolves to face up to new challenges we’ve experienced in the last couple of years and that citizens are allowed at every stage of the political system to revoke any authority given to politicians during election time. A system where there are no accidental/hereditary leaders driven through party politics and bypassing the electorate – this can no longer be allowed to continue. These are big changes and will require a new generation of leaders that are able to bring forth a fresh approach to politics rather than relying on the failed concepts of the past and that belong to the past.

Worried about the rise of the Far Right in Europe? Well don’t worry, the fix is quite simple – just fight the sources that led us here. Many of their support base is a reaction to valid frustrations of a broken political/social system, so let’s fix it and the longer we take in doing so the steeper the climb.

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