A BREXIT Nugget: Theresa May Resigns – What Next?

Finally Theresa May bites the dust and yet we hear sympathy for her emotional speech. Some of the reporters even suggesting that she tried her hardest to deliver BREXIT but her MP’s failed her. Let me first say that I have absolutely no sympathy for this lady and the reason is quite simple; the core reason she was able to deliver NOTHING is purely a matter of her own “leadership” style from day one of her premiership as well as lacking the courage/integrity of taking responsibility for her own failures rather than passing the blame around; there is nothing fancy or sophisticated here. I do of course feel for her family/friends but for me she is a footnote in a dark chapter of the history of this great country and I hope/expect she would be held accountable for her actions as head of the government during the last few years for the mess she created. If a head of bank caused it’s near collapse and had to resign why would the customer feel sorry for him or not be infuriated for not having him be sacked for his catastrophic performance. What happens next I can’t tell but it is unlikely to get much worse than where we are right now and perhaps her departure will serve as the rattling of the cage for this nation and it’s broken politics which hopefully can get us to a better place than we are right now. The only options we have are 1 of 2 in my mind;

a) A Unity Government/Care Take government to take us through this difficult process with the clear mandate for a People’s Vote on all options.

b) If the above cannot be achieved there should be a General Election, because continuing the existing path leads us nowhere and continues wasting time we can no longer afford.

Thanks for NOTHING Theresa May!

A BREXIT Nugget: Where to go from here? Where is “here”!

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