A BREXIT Nugget: Pssst…The Conservative Cowboys/girls are in Town – Care for the Show?

Yes once the big/useless Kahuna is out of the way the “Stylish” bunch are out for the joy ride of their life. Forget about credentials or track record, it’s all about 2 specific things; Ego & Punchlines, nothing else counts at this stage. The public on the other hand are pretty much out of the loop but they are certainly welcome to come in free of charge – with their own popcorn & drinks of course – to watch this once in a lifetime show where things like Competency is just an awkward/unnecessary restraint on the fun to be had. Here is the one and only thing to look for in this show – and Boris Johnson has already hit the ground running on that one (or rather hit the ground “Cycling” in his particular case); how each one of these jokers tangles themselves with promises they will find impossible to keep or will eventually take them to the same BREXIT Dumping ground the big Kahuna is heading for.

Should be fun!

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