A BREXIT Nugget: Where to go from here? Where is “here”!

I’ve been trying quite hard for the last few months to hold off commenting on the continuing BREXIT shenanigans; it reminded me of the old times when I went through a similar process to quite smoking; so it wasn’t quite as hard because I’ve been well trained 🙂 This period also helped me realise something we all know quite well but continue to ignore most of the time; the need at times to disconnect in order to make sense of our worldview. One of the obvious areas of reflection is identifying  where our focus should be rather than blindly following the sensationalism in the media and our reactionary mindset that is driven in the main by the combination of fear & confusion. I mentioned before that however hard politicians try to suppress a People’s Vote no one will be able to solve this nugget because no one can predict the risks/consequences of BREXIT. As for Theresa May I remain of the view that she does NOT deserve to resign on her own watch but rather she deserves nothing less than being chucked from office considering the mess she got us in and more importantly her consistent approach from day one of putting office before country – not even party. But beyond all this ongoing farce we should all really start looking at the big picture in terms of where we are as a country when it comes to values and by extension our politics; our belief system has been decimated. Let’s forget about the arguments of BREXIT for a second and just consider what we’ve learned about ourselves in the last couple of years and the fragility of our value base and political system; that’s the scary part because that is the real threat we face today. Whether we’re left in or out of the EU this really solves nothing and unless we have the leadership with the wisdom/vision to try and take us down the path of inward/honest national reflection to help make quite urgent amends that fall off the cliff – which in my view has already happened – is likely to last much longer than we thought which translates to this simple fact; we won’t be in true recovery mode for a long time and this at a time when we’re most vulnerable.

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