BREXIT Exhaustion: Theresa May Asks the EU for a Short Extension to Avoid People’s Vote at All Cost

Theresa May delivers a brief statement indicating that she intends to ask the EU for a short extension until the 22nd of May to avoid participating in the EU elections. The real reason for this extension – or at least one of the major factors – in my opinion is to eliminate at all cost the possibility of having a People’s Vote – by removing this card altogether with this final extension. She also indicated that she wants to hold talks with the leader of the opposition and I suspect that’s because if there is one thing they are likely to agree on it is this precise point which is why Jeremy Corbyn has been acting like some kind of placeholder until Theresa May comes around with concessions on the deal. It is truly disgusting to watch what’s happening but then again I predict that eventually they both will be forced to backdown and come to the conclusion that a People’s Vote is the only option out of this mess they both created.

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