Talking Racism; Tucker Style

Yet another audio clip surfaces on Youtube about racist comments by the ever resourceful Tucker Carlson of Fox News. I listened to the full clip and while comments are disgusting in my view I continue to believe people are entitled to their opinions however extreme they may be so long as they do not insight violence or provoke other legal issues – this clip is certainly full of reprehensible statements on a host of matters. But focusing on racism here I happen to believe that for us to defeat racism we need to start challenging racists directly while focusing on Family,  Education & Integration; in other words we need to start by fixing the environment that allows people to adopt this kind of ideology. Shaming them won’t work and neither will it be acceptable to prevent people from freely expressing their views and we need to be consistent in applying this approach. It is simply about pragmatic policies covering the 3 core areas mentioned above because in actual fact we have no choice but to take on this challenge otherwise we are putting our social/economic stability/prosperity in great jeopardy because guess what; changes in terms of multiculturalism in our society isn’t happening – it happened.

So what does all this mean to Tuck; it simply means he should feel right at home at Fox News the Network that never seizes to give, though one can only hope that one glorious day it actually does.

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