A BREXIT Nugget: Theresa May, A Puppet on a Short Fuse

Theresa May is in panic mode though the message is the same “My Way or No Way” though I would only add “for Me” to that statement. That’s the real issue she’s most concerned about; her political future. But let me suggest to Mrs. May – just to give her some comfort – that she should be concerned about her political future irrespective of whether or not she reaches the end of the line – that won’t even save her. If there is one matter the entire nation predominantly agrees – both Remainers and BREXITEERS – it is the fact that Theresa May is the most incompetent joke of a Prime Minister we’ve ever had, and what a timing; so at least she is unique in that sense, so well done! It’s unfortunate though the country is the one being systematically “undone” at so many levels by her “followship” of the BREXITEER clan who are keeping her afloat for now. But even that won’t account for much in the very near future when people realise the full extent of the mess of BREXIT and how it was engineered on her watch whether or not we cross the line. Theresa May is a dark chapter in British history but I am certain we’ll be turning that page pretty soon. Why am I certain? Well because dragging the country to the end line does NOT resolve this nugget which calls for a restart beginning with the reversal of triggering article 50 otherwise the country will continue to suffer if we continue this political limbo with a BREXIT delay and politicians will have to deal with the consequences of this hot potato before it’s fully charred. However, before we do eventually turn this stubborn last page of this BREXIT chapter we must ensure there is full accountability at every level of the current government for the long list of failures that have led us to this dire situation we find ourselves in. This for me to be honest is more important than BREXIT In/Out proposition itself; failures may have painful side effects but ignoring them would be lethal.

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