A Weekend BREXIT Nugget: Chuka Umunna urges voters to back Independent Group: What Group?

Chuka Umunna urges voters to back Independent Group: What Group?

Are we talking about the same group of rebel MP’s;

  • The ones who jump ship in the most inopportune moment in British political history creating yet another distraction from this BREXIT mess we’re facing?
  • The same ones with a varied set of motivations for quitting their party, in effect undermining the cause of fighting to give the people a voice on the final deal?
  • The same ones who have undermined their own legitimacy and our Democracy having been elected on their party manifesto yet continue to serve as Independent MPs?

No Mr. Umunna, what you all have done is a disservice to this country and to the cause of challenging this flawed BREXIT process; you certainly may have supporters but for many on the Remain side you no longer represent what we stand for. As a matter of fact with your political shenanigans what you represent is old politics – the one we would like to see changed forever – where MPs believe they cannot challenge party policy and create cross-party pragmatic coalitions when necessary – but instead choose to play cowboy politics by jumping ship. At the very least you/your colleagues should resign to protect your integrity and the cause you’re fighting for.

So Mr. Umunna I have a suggestion for you and your group members; STOP asking for the people’s backing and instead get off your political high horse and instead join the people in their call for a vote on BREXIT – NOT tomorrow or next week but NOW from the street.

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