A BREXIT Nugget: The Coward Speaks Volumes

The BREXIT vote delayed again announces the so called PM. The fact of the matter is that the country has been in hi-jack mode for the last few years but now we’re close to a disastrous impact but there ain’t no one doing much about it. This is no longer a matter of governance but one that is nothing more than a potentially treasonous power grab with the influence of non-elected power brokers to subvert our Democratic processes and we can no longer casually accept this flawed process headed by a political hack politician who’s priorities seems in total conflict to the national interest. A Mueller style investigation is no longer an option but a requirement in my view once we’re out of this pickle. But for now we need a unity government to take over while allowing the British people to vote on the existing deal to set the direction for the future of this country. This is NOT rocket science and a solution is achievable and within our grasp – one that is entirely fair to both sides of the argument because the one thing there should NOT be any argument about is protecting our Democracy for present and future generations – and it begins by kicking corruption out of our politics.

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