A BREXIT Nugget: Trying to Make Sense of Nonsense

While we continue to head for The BREXIT Crash the stories of the day are as follows; 

  • People jumping ship from Labour & the Conservative party for all kinds of reasons;
    • 2 for Antisemitism 
    • 1 for Bad Leader
    • 2+ for Bad BREXIT
      • (FYI: Expecting these stats to change at any moment without notice with potentially Islamophobia, Bullying and/or Sexual Harassment thrown into the mix ).
    • My question is if people really did have strong views on the issues of conduct/leadership – away from BREXIT – then why the hell did they not have the courage to take a stand by jumping ship much early on rather than choose the most precarious timing for the country where the focus should surely be on halting this flawed BREXIT process that threatens our future for generations to come. This is what I call Opportunism and Irresponsibility of the highest order. 
  • Conservative MP’s insisting the PM should step down to give way for someone else at the next phase of BREXIT – as if Phase 0.1 is over. It also speaks volumes of the Conservative approach to policy/leadership in this highly crucial/consequential question of BREXIT; Unity and abiding by Democratic principles are not convenient at this time – it’s just politics you understand!
  • Some indication Labour leader may be prepared to call for a 2nd referendum in reaction to people jumping ship – that’s certainly true leadership in display here, right? Sorry I forgot that the most current Labour strategy is a bit fluid which is as they proudly/consistently state – “All Options are on the Table”; you have to understand that it’s NOT a usual size table but rather one that cannot fit in a house – you see it’s a Political brand of tables that are made to order!

With this level of political chaos I would be surprised if an exceptional author of fiction novels could have made this up. What I do know is that we’re sinking fast and the most likely scenario is that we’ll be crashing out of the EU by an accident happening in slow motion in front of or our own eyes thanks to the combination of a utterly impotent group of politicians across parties currently in charge of our future and with the blessing of a powerful/effective group representing lobbyists/special interests surely including foreign elements. The only alternative they can think of is delaying article 50 – really? On what basis and/or vision that makes this is a viable proposition particularly considering the continuation of uncertainty which we’re already paying the price for economically, politically as well as socially. No friends; if it is inevitable that we sink, lets get over it so at least we can begin the Recovery & Accountability process ASAP; and let me repeat that last one again cause it’s music to my ear “Accountability”.

As I mentioned previously and repeatedly there is a way out of this mess but we’re running out of time and frankly I am running out of vocabulary to describe this stupid soap opera we see day-in-day-out. I will therefore cease to write more about BREXIT because social media/internet is the not the place to fight this battle and I will instead focus on my party – currently the Liberal Democrats – to suggest ways to stop this train wreck before we reach the end of the track at the edge of a a very steep hill. I hope I can have some influence in this direction but at least I will give it my best shot.

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