Yet Another BREXIT Nugget: Cowboy Politics Continue to Undermine British Politics – Now from All Sides

More twists/turns with the resignation of Conservative MP’s from the party but the path towards unity/pragmatic policy on BREXIT is still nowhere to be found. It is now all about grand standing that continues to undermine our Democracy rather than provide a viable vision forward – in other words it’s more of the same old political mentality/approach that got us into this mess in the first place – so no one can claim to hold the moral high ground in this scenario let alone agreeing to reasons for resigning. The one thing we can all agree on – if we’re being honest about it – is that we’re not in a position as a country to make any long term consequential/binding decisions until we really know what’s at stake based on facts (NOT fiction) and who is best to unite/lead us in that direction. The advice to MP’s from this end is to STOP wasting time by playing the usual politics of the day – in good times it’s boring but now it’s actually disastrous to the country as of right now. As far as Theresa May is concerned, well she’s burnt out “Toast”.

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