BREXIT Britain: A Case of a Failed Democracy?

Some may view this as an over dramatisation of current state of affairs in current day Britain. My response to that would be this; if you consider Democracy strictly in terms of Free Speech and Freedom of Expression, well you may be on to something. If however you would like to expand that to form of Governance, then the situation gets a bit prickly. What we see now in this BREXIT saga is more of an unfiltered reality of governance that has probably been under wraps for decades but has just now surfaced to reflect it’s full “glory”. In other words this BREXIT is NOT a symptom but rather a cause of an entirely broken political system. As some have suggested BREXIT is more of an internal struggle/reflection rather than any form of an external relation affecting a foreign partner. It is not just about a question of Identity – probably much less of that – and more about a political system/model that has been in disconnect mode from “main street” for decades and now seems entirely driven by an elite group of lobbyists/special interests both internal/external. Any doubts? Well, you need not look further than current landscape of political parties driving this country, how they are funded, run and the adopted top-down approach in formulating policy, mostly developed as an ideological wish list, empty from any viable vision/approach to achieve them or trying to turn back the clock of an ever changing world because they can’t deal with it – sounds familiar? Politics in fact has become more of an ego joy ride rather than what it is supposed to be which is a public service of the highest level; one that shapes the future for generations. Concepts like Integrity/Morality, National Interest are fading out of view to be replaced by Financial & Political Incentives, Competition, Punchline Politics – looks more like a rogue Business Model rather than a pragmatic Governance Model don’t you think? But all that is not the worst part; the worst in my judgement – and one main cause of the mess we now face – is the fact that the generation that is supposed to be in charge of shaping their future and who are capable of making the necessary changes to this archaic political system are by and large on the back benches and being mentally constrained by watching/following the bad examples they see day-in-day-out in parliament and beyond.

When people talk about creating other parties – particularly considering some of the proponents are themselves the cause of the mess we find ourselves in the first place – it’s kind of like being restrained through chains from moving forward and some wise guy wants to add yet another chain. As a matter of fact if we’re really honest about it if there is 1 thing that we’ve truly championed in the last few years it is this; Plenty in the way of activity/resources and little in the way of actual results. Particularly at this point/time of our history we need less politics and more of a reality check.

Is there a solution? Well it comes in the form of a Revolution; a Revolution for change propelled by “main street Britain” one that is guided by lessons learnt and with the necessary protections so as not to repeat current/past mistakes. In other words what we need is a Democratic/Liberal Spring to revitalise our Democratic Values/Credentials; but this can only happen when we find the right leadership across parties; a leadership that is able to demonstrate that it has the right pragmatic/inclusive vision to face up to current/future challenges rather than pure empty rhetoric that is purely ideological or one driven by the politics of the day or for the benefit of those willing to pay. The bad news is that in my judgement non of the current party leaders has these credentials; the good news is that in my judgement this country has plenty of political talent particularly within the new generation that have the experience, energy and heart to move us towards the right direction – they just need to have the confidence in taking the initiative/control, otherwise they’re jeopardising their own future and we’ll always face this generational gap in our governance structures.

Of course the more urgent task of course is to stop this BREXIT train wreck in it’s tracks and re-evaluate our options calmly but deliberately as I proposed in previous posts.

Finally, a word to the wise to all these clans running the country headed by our disastrously incompetent PM and the odd ball in the form of the leader of the so called “Opposition”; you are in effect digging your own hole because eventually you will be held politically/legally accountable for the mess you’ve engineered and for the resources squandered on your watch whether or not BREXIT is delivered. But with that said BREXIT in my judgement will fail to materialise and if it does happen it will swiftly be reversed because we can debate the arguments but not the flawed process that got us there nor the dire consequences for the country that are at stake; consequences that don’t discriminate between Brexiteer’s & Remainer’s. So eventually reality will kick in – and signs are it’s already happening – and the gang running the country will realise there ain’t no place to hide from both groups come B-Day if they still want to Play.

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