Protecting Nature/Environment – Where are these?

It’s great to see people talking about protecting the environment/nature and wildlife. One of the main problems that I see is that while leaders lecture about these protections we continue to see an ongoing trend to diminish our areas of nature/wildlife from our cities, towns and villages. We are in a sense isolating ourselves from enjoying/interacting with nature and the environment around us which have become secondary to our consumption/technology driven, fast paced approach towards life – one that proved to have detrimental effects on us both physically and mentally. Creating the conviction to protect nature and wildlife does NOT appear in a vacuum, it comes from a life that allows us to interact/enjoy these elements of nature that we are apart of, so unless we begin by looking at our own assumptions, behaviours and actions and make the necessary adjustments this fight to protect the environment will be a loosing battle in the long run. So the suggestion from this end is this; let’s learn again how to enjoy life naturally by helping ensure we’re always close to it. Nature after all is a frame of mind. It’s kind of like this fella in the photo; we need some breathing space and to help get us there let’s make this conviction of protecting the environment one of the main criteria for electing our politicians and one of the main judgements we make on their performance.

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