BREXIT: No Mr. Fox Don’t Try to Outfox the British People

While I certainly don’t pretend to speak for the British people, let me suggest that you and your clan are hardly in any position to speak for the British people as in this interview considering the mess we now face thanks to a flawed process you all “wisely” engineered. If you indeed had a scintilla of integrity and/or courage you would back a People’s Vote on the existing deal to make your case of representing the British people – but I am certainly not holding my breath. The reality is that what you are actually representing is a fringe ideology that has been part-and-parcel of an elite group of special interest/nationalist snobs that are focused on past glories of an empire rather than a pragmatic vision to the future with all it’s challenges and opportunities. But let me tell Mr. Fox, Britain is changing – and changing fast – whether you like it or not, so you can try to fit in while allowing a new generation of politicians to lead in shaping their future irrespective of their views or you can live in your own shrinking shell. It’s not that we have a vastly different worldview that bothers me as much, that’s your privilege – but what does get under my skin is that you/your clan are the ones actually trying to Hijack our Democracy.

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