BREXIT: The Devil is in the Big Picture

While politicians continue the political rambling around the details of BREXIT that will shape our future what has always been my focus point was/is the process. This has been the common thread throughout my posts on BREXIT – or at least most of them; and the thrust of my argument is quite simple indeed; if you get the process wrong – particularly on a consequential issue such as this – it is utterly useless to discuss the detail. In fact I consider it an intentional diversion by the corrupt clan running this country to have us focus on the detail to avoid questioning the legitimacy of the process. Building on that simple premise what concerns me most about where we are in this flawed process is that when finally there is an opportunity to give the people a chance to vote on the deal it seems that the politics from the leading parties yet again stands in the way. How? Quite simple; by again diverting attention from legitimacy of the process to the details of the deal because they don’t have the courage to stake any political price on a People’s Vote – not to mention the financial price of their donor base. I personally believe that when the politics are broken and people are feeding off of such a broken system this is certainly a price worth paying to begin setting our house back in order. Which brings me back to something I mentioned repeatedly in my blogs which is this; without a sustained public pressure to achieve a People’s Vote nothing much is likely to change and we’ll be living in this Twilight Zone for the foreseeable future irrespective of any deals if any is achieved because it’s unlikely this will translate to any viable long term political/economic stability simply because the BREXIT nugget will remain for the most part unresolved. Another consequence of such an outcome is that in my view we will seize to be a Democracy. Ok, ok maybe I am exaggerating a tad, it’s that fear-mongering part of me that comes out every once in a while. The reality is that we’ll be just fine with our special kind of Democracy, one that is entirely driven by lobbyists/special interests – internal/external – that part we have known for some time. Now however we proudly hit another benchmark of be one that suppresses the voice of the people when necessary to achieve political ends; which one can legitimately argue to be an evolution of our Special Democracy for that Very Special Island of ours. Remember the standard-style Democracy is not just about a fancy Royalty, fancy Parliament/Debates, with fancy Political parties, and fancy worded manifesto’s in good times, it’s also/mainly about sticking to Democratic values/principles at crunch time and if giving the public a choice to vote on the deal is not one of them, well I can only say; “Welcome to La La IsLand where our Moto is “Look, Listen and Follow!”, do you “follow”?

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