Jeremy Corbyn, You’re Fooling No One!

Watching Jeremy Corbyn today indulging in jibes at Theresa May after her disastrous crash into the BREXIT Wall should not fool us into believing that he holds an alternate/viable vision for BREXIT. What he does have is an ambition to defeat the Conservatives and occupy No.10 while following the same path of Theresa May in tweaking his way around giving the people any opportunity to have a say on this deal; this while his BREXIT plans remain under construction behind non-see through scaffolding covers. As for confidence in the man & his team you only need to watch the evolution of their positions/contradicting statements through the last couple of years to know that if they were to take control before the People’s Vote we would be passing the keys to our future from one group of political hacks backed by one bunch of lobbyists/special interest groups to another.

As I mentioned in previous posts, time for BREXIT Talk, Debate & Negotiation is pretty much over – what we need is a vote on the existing deal and if we want to revisit the subject in future we sure as hell need to be much better prepared/united. Any other approach translates to further uncertainty and economic/political turmoil.

What I would also very much like to see as of right now in all political parties is for new young MP’s to start coming to the fore to challenge the old guards and take charge at this critical/crucial moment while working together to save the country and help drive a new form of pragmatic politics that is consistent with this day-and-age and the new challenges we face – it is after all their future that’s at stake. This in my view is not beyond the realms of possibility – it just takes will & confidence to make this happen. Just take a peak across the channel and you’ll find this is exactly what’s happening throughout Europe, so lets not allow this stretch of water to prevent us from following this trend and there ain’t a better time for it to happen than RIGHT NOW.

Tweet to Tweet

A recent tweet responding to Jeremy Corbyn’s tweet calling for a General Election;

Election Now without sense of direction through People’s Vote is stupid in terms of effective process but wise in terms of political convenience, right “wise” man?— Fidelito (@F_Galal) January 16, 2019

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