BREXIT: An Inconsequential VOTE Shadows The Consequential Vote

Plenty of hype/anxiety over an utterly inconsequential vote that does nothing but prolong the mess we are in as a country; this while the only consequential People’e Vote that has the power to set the ultimate direction for BREXIT is not on the map. As I mentioned in many previous blogs reaching the end of line to exit the EU without a truly United Kingdom or merely playing the disgraceful politics as usual will neither unite the country nor resolve this BREXIT nugget. So to all watching the developments in parliament today consider it nothing more than a boring soap opera – your good old politics – that resolves nothing but merely prolongs our agony/uncertainty while our country/economy continues to suffer. It only creates another unnecessary economic/political volatility to a system that has been suffering constant shocks over that last 2 years without really solving anything. At some point we have to take a stand and say enough is enough while taking back control of our future from politicians who have truly gone wild; and the first step in this direction is the People’s Vote on the BREXIT agreement with an effect of In/Out and let the chips fall where they may. Then we need to start a phase 2 process post a General Election where accountability for this mess kicks in through a proper/independent investigation – with the assistance of our security services where appropriate – not only of politicians but also special interest groups/lobbyists (internal/external) that have backed this flawed process and for the squandering of the resources of this country; we really need to know the inner story behind this BREXIT farce. That in my view is the only way out of this BREXIT Twilight Zone.

As for the EU, well they seem to be playing catch with Theresa May & Inc but every time they think they’ve caught the pass they find nothing but air; in other words it’s Politic’s As You Go. I am particularly disappointed that when the EU criticises other European states for actions that are contrary to Democratic/Liberal values while at the same time they are willing to sign a BREXIT deal with no word on Theresa May’s intent to block a public vote on the deal – not a word. So I believe the EU needs to get it’s act together if it serious about it’s Democratic/Liberal credentials.

Hope this helps.

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