Happy New Year: Any Resolutions in Mind?

Happy New Year to you all. With every New Year comes the concept of Resolutions, some come in a box branded Simple while others come in another another box branded Sophisticated. My hope is that this year we choose to open the first box and find these 2 simple resolutions;

  1. Fear NOT: We need to simply remove the concept of fear from the equation when assessing and/or facing up to challenges. This helps us stay in control while at the same time ensures we make the right choices. And if we do fail we should take it as an essential learning curve rather than a defeat – so a win-win proposition.
  2. Be Foolishly Optimistic: This essentially helps us face challenges on our own terms and gradually develops into a positive attitude in facing up to them. I also happen to believe that with this approach nothing is inevitable.

Wishful thinking, you may say; well let’s constantly wish for constantly applying these 2 specific attitudes to make them happen, at least for a year and see what happens cause remember; these attitudes are by design created to help you get more out of life; in other words let’s all Go Get a Life 🙂

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