BREXIT: The Continuing Story of the Cowards & The Sitting Ducks

The BREXIT saga continues unabated, yet there seems to be very little in the way of change in confronting this political catastrophe. Should this be a surprise for us; no not really because the intent of the leaders of the main 2 parties is to sustain this sense of political confusion through various political posturing/signals in an effort to run the clock on BREXIT pure/simple without allowing the British people their say on the deal – they seem to actually be in complete sync in their BREXIT strategy – ignoring the public drama they play. The sad part though is that most politicians who are indeed against this flawed process seem powerless and taken in by this political soap opera rather than trying to take direct action to stop this mess. Even political commentators  seem to come up with wild/ludicrous ideas that exacerbate the problem like in this article that suggests extending Article 50 – really, extend the pain with no gain…again?

Let me suggest once again there are creative ways to stop this mess in it’s tracks right now – this without alienating that majority of the British people on both sides of the argument – but the window of opportunity is closing down, and closing down fast. We don’t need complex unworkable choices but a clear/simple way forward and there is one approach that achieves this. I reiterate again that my worry here is NOT to suggest that reaching the end line would mark the end of the BREXIT Tale, rather I worry of the dire consequences – political/economic – of reaching that end line in March 2019; reaching the end line in-of-itself will not be the end of our BREXIT worries but merely the end of the beginning of these worries as I have said in many posts – this is one thing you can pretty much guarantee.

So to all those sitting ducks out there, how above changing tactics – and let’s start by having you standing up and moving in the same direction, that would be a positive change; call it a New Year’s resolution for 2019 though we don’t have all year for you to take effective action to STOP this Mess NOT the Clock.

Oh, and Happy 2019 by the Way, that is if there is a Way.

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