The Broken Politics of Britain is the Real Threat to Britain

Forget about BREXIT as catastrophic as it has already proved to be and as a perfect example of a fraudulent process; it is merely reflection of the broken politics in this country – this is the real threat. Politics that is clearly driven by lobbyists/special interest groups that are in the driving seat in both parties; so for leaders in both parties to try and claim holding the moral high ground doesn’t really “wash”; one who tries to defend her position in standing up for the British people while actively suppressing one can only assume “Martians” from voting on the terms of the deal with all kinds of awkward excuses; while the other seeks to keep all options on the table so long as it does NOT involve allowing these same “Martians” to vote on the deal while plowing ahead with BREXIT, this despite the party signalling before that they may call for a 2nd Referendum; well my friends it turns out that I was spot on when reading Labour & Corbyn’s position on BREXIT when suggesting that the confusion in Labour policy was by-design to initially keep herd in line, irrespective of the the country’s unity. It is this simplistic analysis of mine that reinforces my belief that the only way out of this BREXIT fix is for the British people to give direction through a People’s Vote and all other efforts to go around this basic/fundamental Democratic right will prove to be feeble and a waste of precious time.

The other prediction I can pretty much guarantee out of this BREXIT mess it is this; BREXIT – in terms of process whether or NOT it will hold; and I predict it will NOT hold – will eventually spell the demise of these 2 arrogant cowards who constantly try to subvert our Democracy placing them both in one of the darkest chapters of British politics, and rightly so. For now one can only hope that MP’s on both sides of the BREXIT argument unite in choosing to give the people the right to vote and equally important to begin to see new/young leadership in all parties contesting this current model of politics/governance and take control of their future.

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