BREXIT: Theresa May Begins to Develop her Good Old Blame Game Strategy

It is heartening to see Theresa May leapfrogging across Europe to save her BREXIT deal. Her real mission to the EU this time however is actually quite simple, pick up the slack for this agreement or expect me to lay the blame at your doorstep for Christmas. The usual good old May is up to her usual good old tricks of kicking cans down the road, passing the buck if it’s a liability or keeping it if it’s a benefit – thereby trying to absolve herself from accountability, as how leaders do right? I mentioned in previous post – link below – that BREXIT in it’s current format is a long term headache for the UK and equally important for the EU and they will likely be in the firing line – so to the EU leaders let me just suggest holding on to your seats cause it’s a long bumpy road ahead, because if they think that gentillesse with Theresa May will save the day, well keep thinking. The fact of the matter is that the ink of this agreement is unlikely to dry so long as it does not have the backing of the majority of the British people, and it’s kind of fascinating for to see how EU leaders are utterly silent about how Theresa May is going about doing all possible to prevent the people from having a vote on the final deal or the flawed process she pursued in getting to this stage; interesting, not even a comment. So the question is whether this is the same approach they would take if this same scenario is replicated in another member state? Interesting times to come thanks to an awkward set of principles that evolved thanks to leaders with an awkward sense of values. 

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  1. I’d imagine that there will be EU moves on the deal, when the Republic of Ireland begin to panic. Having said that, it’s going to be a case of who blinks first. If nobody blinks, everyone could be scr*wed.

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