The Theresa May Ethos: My Way or No Way

A great and quite telling statement today by Theresa May in her response of the call for a no-confidence vote in Parliament on her “leadership” – using the term quite loosely here. It’s not really an ethos we did not know about but it’s great she continues down that line rather than concede and/or give a message confidence/unity to the nation or have any sense of humility which she so richly deserves. She is/continues to be an utter disgrace and if Parliament put’s her out of her/our misery this would be the step in the right direction for this country; not despite this crucial stage in our history but rather precisely because this is a crucial stage that requires a different vision and NOT exactly a different leadership style but rather “Leadership” period. And for those in the media who suggest that BREXIT has been thrown into chaos because of this no-confidence vote, let me suggest to you politely that this ship has sailed long ago and Theresa May is actually the major contributing factor here. More importantly we should no longer accept Accidental Leaders residing in No. 10 Downing Street.

And for some people out there who suggest that the mess we’re in is hardly her fault well you’re more clever than I am or possibly know more than what we all see;

  1. Someone in leadership position presiding on a flawed/incompetent no-inclusive process from the get go of triggering article 50; one that is shrouded in secrecy and making every effort to avoid transparency.
  2. Someone with lack of integrity who never seems to take responsibility of failures but keen to pass the blame around.
  3. Someone willing to subvert democratic processes like in the last parliamentary election; so rather than getting the message and making amends to ensure all are on board continues on her path by going into a convenient/loose coalition that actually weakens her further.
  4. Someone not willing to concede that there are going voices demanding a People’s Vote on the agreement and doing everything to avoid it.

The problem as I mentioned in many previous posts is that some continue to focus on the detail rather than the big picture which is why they may give her a pass, but the big picture in terms of process, transparency and accountability should be the real focus here.

As for BREXIT the choice of the People’s Vote as I’ve repeatedly mentioned is NOT a choice but the only choice we have at this stage of the game and the less time wasted the better for the country – this broken parliament is in no mode that allows it to resolve BREXIT – whether or not this confidence vote succeeds. We may well choose to revisit this BREXIT story in future but NOT until we’re prepared and we know exactly where we’re heading.

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