Jeremy Corbyn Goes Under Cover Again & A Message to the EU

As I mentioned in previous posts if there is this expectation by some that Jeremy Corbyn is keeping Theresa May in check, well please check again cause whenever there is opportunity he seems to duck and go under cover every single time. It is therefore expected that Corbyn would keep a lid on calling for a confidence vote on Theresa May; they’re both essentially on the same side just playing different roles and there may well be communication to sync positions. To me this is NOT news as I’ve been posting about this for what seems to be ages. So in a nutshell there is no opposition party just a parliament with opposing seats.

The question then becomes where is this all heading; I believe it’s heading for the same place it’s always been heading, an eventual People’s Vote though it may take a bit longer. Why the confidence; simple, no solutions from the political establishment can override the will of the people however hard they try to ignore them; it just doesn’t solve this nugget.

As for the EU where May seems to be heading here’s a simple message;

It must now be very clear to you that Theresa May’s mandate is – putting it mildly – questionable. So instead of being amazed at the developments we face in Britain, how about taking a positive step before any further negotiation suggesting there needs to be evidence of support by the British people. This is not meddling in internal politics but rather to ensure that if there is indeed any agreement it is one based on a solid foundation and ensuring no further time is wasted now or in future in terms of further re-negotiations.

Just a thought.

PS: Please take time – if you have any – to read the 2 previous/related posts today for a bigger picture.  

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