The BREXIT Guide of How Best to Waste Time & Resources

It is really thrilling to watch the BREXIT saga continue unabated for such a long time, with all the twists/turns, ducks and mocks. I wonder what our lives will be like when we finally reach the end of this Tale of 2 Universes. Normalcy will seize to be normal and we’ll probably automatically turn on the telly or go online to find new tweets only to find silence – what a disappointment. But now that we’re still “enjoying” the “Joy” ride lets follow on;

We continue to hear of competing scenarios if there is no parliamentary backing to the “May” plan; some including Amber Rudd floated the option of Norway+ or a 2nd Referendum. The problem with the first being further negotiations without any indication of public view on where we are in terms of support with BREXIT after an exhaustive 2 years+ of pure rubbish. The problem with the 2nd option is actually quite obvious; if parliament fails to support the deal which deal B will be in the ballot and this will be complicated to devise considering where we are with this broken political system we live in. So what does make sense is this;

a) People’s Vote on the existing deal

b) If the majority reject it the default would be to reverse triggering article 50/remain in the EU and it’s back to the drawing board if anyone wants to make another case – of anything really after this whole mess. There’s plenty to do to fix the mess we’re in right now and avoid it getting much worse; I suspect a special department along the lines of; Department for Continued EU Membership may be useful to help mend what the DExEU had broken and reverse course.

With all said/done if we continue to be bound to the EU at the end of all this, it has to be based on a firm commitment to the organisation. We can argue for reforms and I suggest that we should have that conversation with other EU members if we continue on but we should stop being foolish about our strong partnership with the EU unless of course something drastic changes this in future.

PS: Apologies for the unorganised look in the text of this post but the WordPress has designed a new and truly rubbish editor which I am trying – unsuccessfully so far – to get my head around. So expect more of the same unless/until this is sorted.

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  1. Seasoned politicians have plotted and connived, and are now sadly about to throw democracy into the dustbin. This is the endgame. Brexit won’t happen.

    1. In my view – ignoring BREXIT for the moment – Democracy does not end with a vote; it doesn’t even start with a vote for that matter, otherwise we’d have leaders for life or leaders that are not bound by people’s voice once the election is through – but rather bound to self-interest and the special interest of the powerful. In fact Democracy is a continuous process that allows for views to change/evolve. The moment we stop recognising this simple fact – and that the voice of the people at any point in time (not just 1 point in time) is the ultimate arbiter – is precisely the moment Democracy seizes to exist.

      1. I tend to agree, but there has to be limits on voting, or there would be a never ending splurge of them if people didn’t like the result.

        For the referendum, we were told it was a once in a lifetime choice. So, bearing that in mind, if there is to be a ‘people’s vote’, it shouldn’t be another vote on membership of the union, but in my opinion, a vote on whether the divorce agreement is agreeable, or if we leave with no deal.

        Notwithstanding the above, if there is a ‘no’ vote on the 11th, political commentators have not mentioned the fact that Theresa May could forge ahead and sign the agreement with the EU anyways. In the UK, treaties only need executive approval and not that of parliament.

        There are interesting times ahead.

  2. I don’t believe Referendum’s are constrained in that way but should be applied within context, and the context here is is a very consequential issue and a problematic 1st Referendum on several fronts including; the way it was conducted with no constraints on facts, the clear meddling/influence – national & foreign – add to that the non-inclusive flawed, incompetent and largely backdoor process that followed. If you search my site on the term “Pragmatic Vision” you’ll see that I suggested an approach – irrespective of whether you believe this approach would work or not. So the fact is that although I am indeed a “Remainer” I was against calls for “EXIT BREXIT” and was critical at party leaders including Vince Cable – being a former member of the LibDems – for backing this view because it’s an unfair proposition and one that exacerbates this polarisation. Now that this “government” reached a deal we can either accept it or reverse course because most would agree that the risks that come with a NO DEAL BREXIT are tremendous and that’s not something anyone should take lightly irrespective of political views.

    As for May going ahead with this agreement anyway – that would be like lighting a match with hands wet from gasoline while next to a petrol pump; one can certainly do that but would be advised to recite some prayers first because there might just be a “spark” in the form of reaction in terms of public & political outrage/ramifications.

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